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Who this is for

Identity is important for our careers. It influences how we prepare our stories and approach goals. But our identities are complex. That’s why we believe everyone deserves a fair chance to find living wage work and contribute to society.

Our hope is that this free service for people with arrest or conviction records can move us closer to realizing Checkr’s mission of a fairer future and opportunities for all.


Why we're here

We want people to thrive and believe everyone has a right to view their background check – not just when an employer or landlord needs it.

A part of Checkr Inc., we have the full support of a certified and trusted background check company that works with thousands of businesses around the world.

How we help

We make sure background check access is fee- and commitment-free for people with arrest or conviction records because once you know where you stand, you can be more confident about what comes next.

Like Checkr, we are mission-driven, believe in the power of work, and are committed to building a fairer future through technology, transparency, and opportunity.

What about businesses?

This site is only intended for use by people with arrest or conviction records. If you're a business and need to run a background check, please visit or schedule a demo today.

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