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Who we're for

Identity is important. It influences how we prepare our stories and approach our goals. But our identities are complex. That’s why we believe everyone deserves a fair chance.

Better Future is here to help you view and understand the same information seen by landlords, banks, and employers. So you can feel prepared and more confident in what comes next.


Why we're here

We believe everyone has a right to view their background check—not just when an employer or landlord needs it.

As part of Checkr, we have the full support of a certified and trusted background check company that works with thousands of businesses around the world.

In addition, $1 from every order will be donated to fair chance hiring initiatives via

How we help

Like Checkr, we are mission-driven, believe in the power of work, and are committed to building a fairer future through technology, transparency, and opportunity.

Better Future makes it easy to view your own background check—no matter where you’re from or where your next step may take you.

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