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of employers rely on background checks to hire.


of Americans have a criminal record on their background check.


deserve to know what is on your background check to set it straight.


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You tell us basic identifying information about yourself.


We get records from federal databases and 3,200 U.S. counties.


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Is my data secure?

We use a trusted provider to store all sensitive user data, which has securely run over 13 million background checks for over 10,000 employers and uses 256-bit encryption.

Is it actually free?

Yes! No credit card is required. We don't believe in sketchy paywalls or charging for things that should be free. We believe people have a right to see the information on their background check for peace of mind as they apply for jobs. That’s why we created Better Future!

What can I do if there is an inaccuracy on my report?

If you notice something inaccurate on your Better Future background check, contact us at Please note that we get address histories from a variety of sources. Sometimes you may not have lived at one of the addresses, but the address history will not affect anything on your background check and just shows you what counties we are searching.

Can I run a background check for someone else other than myself?

For the protection of people's privacy, we do not provide background checks for people other than yourself.

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